Drug Addiction and Treatments

An addiction to drugs is characterized by the inability to stop using the drugs even though the abuse is causes suffering in your life. Over time, drug abuse can change the way the brain functions, leading to withdrawal symptoms when the drug use is discontinued. Withdrawal symptoms are the body’s way of telling you it’s become dependent on the drug and needs it in order to function “normally.”

New Dawn Treatment Center provides drug treatment programs essential for persons addicted to all types of drugs. The first step to treating drug addiction is with a medical detox, which is the process of breaking the physical dependence by withholding the addictive substance from the body. Because addiction is also psychological, our programs involve intensive treatment therapies to address the complex issues behind the addiction.

  • Physical and Psychological Assessments
  • Drug Detox
  • Individualized Treatment Plans
  • Family Integrated Treatment and Therapy
  • Group and Individual Therapy
  • Behavioral Therapies
  • Cognitive Therapy
  • 12 Step Programs

Each resident will be provided the absolute very best alcohol or drug treatment services available anywhere. This includes a 100% individualized treatment plan, including dietary and spirituality considerations. We also treat co-occurring disorders such as eating, mood, and other disorders.

When a person becomes addicted to any type of drug, it can be a difficult road to recovery. Drug treatment is designed to help addicts stop compulsively seeking drugs and using them. Drug treatment may occur in a number of different settings, come in different forms, and last for different amounts of time.